Born in 1969 to an influential banker from Belgium and a Congolese Doctor of Criminology, Philippe Lenoir started his international business career while attending San Diego State University in the United States. After graduating with honors in the field of International Business, Philippe created and managed the sales division of a start-up company called Justice Technology Corporation in Los Angeles. After leading the company to become the fastest growing privately owned company by Inc 500, in 1998, he then co-founded Unetel and built network all over the African continent.

It was while traveling extensively all over Africa, that he recognized the serious need for adequate transportation in the continent. After the cooling of the frenzy, Lenoir decided to move from the “Transportation of voice and data to Transportation of People and Goods”. Lenoir created Champion Motors International, Inc (DBA Chamotor) with a vision to provide products at competitive prices without jeopardizing or compromising quality. The President and Chief Executive Officer of the US based company Chamotor is one of the African’s leading entrepreneurs and corporate success stories. Lenoir projects the image of leader who does not care about tradition or traditional decorum - he is open and accessible to his employees and colleagues - yet like one of his mentors, Sir Richard Branson, he is also a hard-nosed businessman who knows that innovation and flexibility to sell.
Mr. Philippe Lenoir
Chairman & CEO

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